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15 Jul

5 Things To Ask Before Hiring Any Ornamental Iron Contractor

Before choosing any company for your next Ironworks home improvement project, beware of the pitfalls you could encounter if you’re not careful. When considering an Iron Entry Door, and Iron and Wood gate or an Iron Security door, there are issues related to quality, timelines and even licensing/insurance that you ought to be aware of.  Make sure to ask these 5 questions before you choose ANY iron contractor to do business with:

1. Do You Design and Manufacture Locally, and are your Installers locally trained and certified?

LOCAL is the keyword here. Some companies may create your Iron Door, for example, but then it’s your job to get someone to install it. There are even some companies that will ship the piece to you, but still, you have to install. Iron doors can be unwieldy and challenging to fit just right – to your exact specifications of the installation space – so it best to work with a company that is familiar with installing wrought iron in Arizona

First Impression Ironworks Gilbert Fabrication Team

2. Do you Powder Coat the Iron?

And if so, is it included in the price they quoted you, or if you have to do it yourself. You need to know this is because you need to get your Iron door powder coated properly to prevent it from rusting and maintaining its look – and lifespan- for as long as possible.

First Impression Ironworks door being powder-coated in Gilbert, AZ facility

3. Are you Insured, Licensed and Bonded?

Unless you ask upfront, you may come to find out that the company you are working with isn’t insured or licensed which can lead to liabilities you hadn’t counted on as well as legal exposure that could cost you thousands of dollars to fix. You need to make sure that whatever company you choose is completely licensed and insured to maintain a safe and effective project, as well as protect yourself and your property should any damages occur during installation.

4.  How long will the job take?

Before you sign any contract, you need to make sure that you they’ve agreed upon a mutually understood timeline so that the project actually gets done as planned. Some companies simply do not have a process in place –from design specs, through manufacture though installation – to be able to estimate with some certainty when your Iron Door will be ready and installed. Worse yet, some companies order your door from overseas, and you can’t count on the shipping time from point A to Point B at all.

First Impression Ironworks welder

5.  Will You Clean up supplies after the job?/ Will you discard of the previous fence/gate?

It’s best to ask if the company will clean up debris caused as a result of their work so that your home is restored back to working order and looking beautiful with your new gate or door or railing. You would be surprised about how many companies don’t clean up after they are done – unless you insist on it beforehand.

Ultimately, you do need to choose the company that is the best suited to address your unique design specifications and your budget. Call First Impression Ironworks at 833-228-4438 or go to First Impression Ironworks website for a complimentary design quote.