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15 Dec

Curb Appeal and How to Achieve it

If you have ever watched a home improvement television show, or read any articles about the topic, the buzz phrase “curb appeal” almost always makes an appearance. It’s a rather non-specific term, that basically means to make your home attractive from the street.

So how does one go about doing that? It’s quite difficult to take a step back and view your home from a stranger’s perspective, but that’s a good place to start. Imagine you are thinking about buying a home, and look first at how your home compares to others in your street or neighborhood. Does it look well-maintained? Is there trash or yard debris around it? Are your fences, gates and doors in good repair? Is there anything about your house that makes it stand out in a positive or negative way?

While most of these things, by themselves, are not much cause for concern, when taken as a whole, those items that cause your home to be compared negatively to others can affect your ability to attract buyers, regardless of what they might find inside.

Here is a compilation of some of the top items you can do quickly to improve the curb appeal of your home.

1) Clean the windows – either grab a ladder and do it yourself (or you can follow these tips), or pay someone to do it. A quick spruce up of the windows will make your home sparkle!

2) Tidy up – move children’s toys, trash, garbage cans and yard equipment out of sight. Remove weeds, trim trees and bushes and add mulch, gravel or sod to blank spots in the front yard area. Add new cushions or wash the ones that are there on any courtyard or porch furniture. Tidy outside implies tidy inside!

3) Add or replace your gate – a new gate can completely transform the look of your entry. Take a look at the difference it made in these examples!

4) Clean, repair or replace the front door – if your front door is in disrepair, it sends a very clear message about what the visitor might find inside. A home that hasn’t been taken care of. At the very least, clean the surface, and repaint if it’s a wood door. If it’s made of metal, you can also use the recommended cleaner to give it a nice sheen. Replace door hardware if it’s rusty or tarnished and add a knocker or a pretty wreath to jazz it up a little. If the door is beyond the touchup stage, consider a replacement iron door. Studies show that you can recoup almost 100% of your investment on an iron door when you sell. You can’t beat that!

5) Add a splash of color – whether it be from flowers, outdoor art or decorative pots, cheerful colors can really make your home stand out. Look how stunning these holiday colors look:

First Impression Ironworks Iron Entry Door decorated for Fall

Whatever you decide, improving curb appeal can mean the difference between a potential buyer walking by or knocking on your door to take a look!

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