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15 Mar

Custom Iron Art & Accessories – Going Beyond Doors & Gates

Iron artwork has long been found in gates and security doors where the beauty of the artisan’s work can be seen throughout the neighborhood. But it can also be seen inside the home in a variety of artistic pieces that can add beauty, aesthetic value, and, in some cases, property value to your home.

  • Perhaps one of the most striking pieces of iron artwork in your home is a custom-made iron bed frame. This can be either entirely made of iron such as the Tuscan or as a mixture of wood with iron accents such as the Valencia style . These beautiful bed frames not only make for an exquisite piece of furniture that will be the centerpiece to your master bedroom, but it will also be a long-lasting piece of ornate artwork as well.
  • Outdoor trellises can also be decorated using iron art and accessories. These trellises can have simple designs, such as the Colonial or something more elaborate for an eye-catching effect such as the Vineyard.
  • Another interesting use of iron accessories is as wall art. These beautiful pieces will be sure to be conversation starters, particularly pieces such as the Metro and Bristol. In addition, ornate crosses such as these  can be added to your home as a lovely addition to the aesthetic design.
  • Perhaps the most unique piece of iron artwork offered is a custom-made bell such as this. These bells will make a wonderful addition to any home or garden, adding a style of class with a distinctive look.