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19 Dec

Customer Experience: Installation

One aspect customers dread when making a large purchase is the mystery of what the process will hold for them.  They aren’t sure exactly what type of a commitment the actual purchase involves which provides some anxiety on their part.  That’s why we are back with another installment of our blog series to help demystify the process of what happens when you make a purchase from First Impression.  Here is what the installation process looks like:

  • When you meet with our design consultants, measurements will be taken in your home for the custom piece, be it a window, doorway, or gateway.
  • Once the measurements are determined, our team goes to work creating your new piece.  If you’ve ordered a custom creation, the design staff will go to work using CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software to create a mock-up of a design for the customer.  This mock-up is then presented to the customer for final approval before the next stage, fabrication, can begin.
  • After your product has been designed and built, our appointment staff will set up a time for installation.  Lead times will vary depending on the season. Our customer service representatives will set up an appointment at the most convenient time for you.
  • On the day of your appointment, our installation techs will arrive.  First Impression is very proud to use in house installers meaning you don’t have to worry about the “blame game” should there ever be an issue.  All of our installers are well trained and do all of the work themselves, including the masonry, welding, drilling, and cutting, to install the product with power tools.  (If the product is a replacement item, the old product will be removed and the new one will be installed on the same day.)  We have specialists in all areas depending on the product that is to be installed and we do NOT use sub contractors to do installations!
  • You don’t have to worry about a thing!  We maintain a clean work environment and will clean up after ourselves in both the interior and exterior areas of the work project.
  • Some of our past clients have allowed us to send a photographer out so that their newly installed custom product can be featured in our catalog or displayed in our showroom!

Once you understand the steps that go into the process, it is a lot less stressful to make the investment on a major home renovation such as this.  Hopefully, reading about this process has done a bit to demystify the process and help you to understand exactly what goes on from initial contact to final installation as the process moves forward.

Should you ever have a question about the process, our professional customer service rep and sales consultants are available during all operating hours to answer your questions.  We want you to be very confident with your purchase!