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07 Oct

Enjoy the Cooler Weather with a Security Screen Door

The fall is here and that means finally a drop in temperatures and some much needed relief from those scorching summer days.  If you are the type who enjoys throwing open the windows and doors to catch a nice cross breeze, then you might want to consider investing in a home security screen door.  This type of door, as manufactured by First Impression, is great because it allows homeowners to open up those doors without sacrificing their own personal safety and security.

A security screen door is one that features a standard door with a screen in front.  This screen allows the door to be left open, so that air can move freely through the opening and give your home the chance to air out and let the cool breezes blow through.  Unlike other screen doors, however, a security screen door does not sacrifice safety as the screen is made from a stronger material such as reinforced steel.  Also, many of the designs are made so that the screen blocks a person’s view inside the home, but you can still see out.  This is a great security feature as they cannot see you, but you can see them.

Another great security feature of First Impression screen doors is the actual construction of the door.  These security doors are made of reinforced materials, making them weigh more, and thus making them harder to knock down in the event of a home invasion or break-in.  Also, most security doors contain extra hinges making it harder to knock off the hinges and they also have more secure locks than a standard door.

Finally, security screen doors are wonderful additions to a home because they do not sacrifice decorative beauty for safety.  These doors can have intricately designed ironwork that makes the door not only safe but also a work of art.  Many of the designs can also be customized so that they can include special artwork that matches your personality and interests.

Now that the weather has cooled, it’s time to open up your home a little and let those nice fall breezes in.  But it is also still important to not sacrifice safety for this seasonal enjoyment.  That is why a security screen door is such a great investment.  It can help you to open up your house for those fall breezes while still keeping your home and loved ones secure from potential intruders.