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12 Nov

Fabulous Fall Projects

It’s pumpkin latte time! At least, that’s what I have come to know fall as. The season of pumpkin everything. I even saw pumpkin flavored potato chips in the store the other day!

For us, it’s more than orange and brown decor – it’s the time of year we look forward to most, with those cool Autumn breezes, windows and screen doors open, and clean up projects that we’ve been waiting all summer to get started on.

So what fall projects have you been dying to begin? If you’re in need of inspiration, here are a few tips to top your list.
1) Clean out the ducts – The dust! The bugs! The stale air! Fall is a great time to get the ducts cleaned. Professional companies can come out and get rid of all the allergy causing grime that accumulates all year. Ideally this should be done every 5 to 7 years by a qualified air conditioning tech and can vastly improve the air circulation and cooling efficiency of the home.

2) Check the roof – Get the ladder out and take a look on the roof for loose tiles, debris, bird droppings or dead animals up there. Check for leaks, and give it the once over for any flaws or potential problems before they become big headaches. If you are in need of a professional, check out Angie’s List or Houzz for recommendations.

3) Repaint inside and out – If you have any peeling paint, especially on the exterior of your home, now is the time to give it a face lift. Even if you only do touch ups, fixing areas where the paint is loose can delay having to do a full repaint for an extra few months.

4) Caulk – sealing windows and doors can help keep the cooled or heated air in. It’s an inexpensive project that requires minimal skills and time to complete, but can yield big payoff in saved energy.
5) Seal your tile – This is a job you can do yourself or hire a pro for. It can be back breaking work, but expensive to hire someone to do. Choose a sealant that doubles as a tile stain and ensure you give the grout lines a good scrub before sealing. A huge benefit is that it will give your grout many more years of life and prevents grime and dirt getting ground in and causing it to crack and break down.

Whatever projects you start (or finish) this Fall, be sure to call us if we can help you with screen installation, a shiny new door or a beautiful courtyard gate to finish off your front walk up!

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