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02 Aug

First Impressions

One of the first things you notice upon approach to a home is what it looks like from the walk up to the porch.  This is the place where first impressions are made and one of the reasons our business is named “First Impression”, because we strive to make your visitors’ first impression a memorable one. Think about it. If you have a perfectly manicured front yard, beautiful exterior seating and a blooming flower bed, but your front door has peeling paint, rusty hardware and an askew house number, the first impression your guests will get is most likely going to be negative.

With a First Impression security screen door or iron entry door, your home’s entrance will make a beautiful impact and will be something you can be proud to show off.  Additionally, the “wow” factor when trying to sell your home will really pay off in the form of a faster sell and more dollars on the offer table.

So what else can you do to make a good first impression?  The first step should be to take a good look at your home from a stranger’s perspective. The front door is often overlooked by the homeowner because most of us enter from the garage and rarely use the front entrance.  Ask yourself honestly about the mark it makes. Is your door mat old, curling, rotten or faded? Is the landscaping clear of weeds and debris? Is there trash visible, or are the trash cans out of sight? Check to see if spider webs are visible around the door.  If all these things are in order, look at your front door and see what could be improved.

  • Is there rust visible on the hardware or hinges?
  • Does my door need a new coat of paint?
  • If there is a storm door, does the screen need to be replaced? Does it function properly and without making a noise when it opens?
  • Is my entry way clean and free of clutter?
  • Are there signs of wood rot?If you answer yes to any of these questions it could be time to replace your door, or at least give it a makeover.  First Impression has literally hundreds of designs to choose from and we can even customize your door to your own design. We will give you tips to help you navigate your Homeowners’ Association and provide ideas to really make your home the one people will stop at when a For Sale sign goes up.  A house with a beautiful entrance and curb appeal sends the message to potential buyers that you care about your home and that the interior is going to be beautiful too.