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29 May

How Patio Arcadia Screen Doors Can Add Value To Your Home

In the past few years, the housing market has taken a drastic turn for the worse with homeowners finding it harder and harder to sell their homes that are on the market.  As a way of making a home stand out and increase its resell value, many owners are looking for improvements and upgrades that will add curb appeal to their home.

But which upgrades will help you in the long run?  One area that you may wish to consider is in patio arcadia screen doors.  These are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also a good security upgrade to your house that will ultimately increase the value of your property.  A patio door (also sometimes referred to as a glass sliding door) has often been one of the “plainer” aspects of a home’s décor.  So how do you dress this up while also making the door more secure?  The answer is a patio arcadia screen door.  This serves as a French door on your patio, providing an extra layer of protection between the outside and your glass door.  When you are home, you can open the second exterior door outward to let in more of the sunshine or you can slide back the glass sliding door and leave the exterior door in place to allow a breeze to pass through.  When you are gone for the day, the two doors together provide a strong defense against intruders.

But what is also wonderful about the patio arcadia screen door is that it can be so visually appealing that it makes a great selling point for any home, adding great upgrade value. As with any screen door of this nature, there are many different styles to choose from.  Those looking for something elegant and stylized may choose something from the Tuscany line such as the Athens style  or Sicilian.  For a more modern look, try the Contemporary lines with designs such as the Geometric and the Picket Weave.  You can also dress up your patio arcadia door with themes built around your personality including:

There is sure to be a design to please even the most discerning home-owner.  Add in a variety of powder coating finished and glass options and these doors are incredibly customizable, making them the perfect addition to any home and the perfect purchase for any homeowner looking to upgrade their house.