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01 Nov

Iron Gates—a Consumer’s Guide

Adding a wrought iron gate to a home is the ultimate in quality, function and beauty. However, some consumers are put off by adding a gate or upgrading the one they have because they think the process is too overwhelming or not affordable. Understanding what the steps are in purchasing a wrought iron gate, coupled with choosing the right vendor who will deliver the best quality product, will result in a timeless piece of art for the home exterior that will add value, elegance and personality.

Why choose wrought iron?

While wrought iron has been around since the 19th century, it definitely meets the needs of the 21st century consumer. It starts with top quality raw materials resulting in a solid and sturdy construction and a product that is unique and will last forever. With a wrought iron gate, there are a number of styles to choose from and more and more consumers are making wrought iron their material of choice not only for adding an entry gate but for replacing their front door or fence. However, it is important to choose a company that uses only quality materials and delivers only excellent products. You will know the difference by checking the vendor’s sample products and looking to see if the designs are truly molded and not cast. Check the joints to make sure they are sturdy because if not, they will not last as long and may experience damage from moisture.

Style and design

For a consumer purchasing a wrought iron gate for their driveway, a decision needs to be made if the gate will be swing or sliding. A sliding gate is easier to install than a swing one and will typically cost less but a vendor can advise the homeowner on the best choice for their individual situation. Consumers should also ask about gates that include pickets, tridents, spades and pyramids. There are a variety of gate designs to choose from including ornate for a Tuscan look, sleek for a contemporary vibe, intricate for Victorian and a straightforward traditional look that provides flexibility to match a number of design styles. Or a homeowner can choose to go custom and design their own look altogether to match a theme or come up with an abstract graphic design. In addition to choosing a design, they can go with a gate with two doors, which they can leave open during the day yet close at night, or a one-door option.

Choosing a vendor

In deciding what vendor to go with, it is important to choose a company that has been around awhile and has specific expertise in producing and installing wrought iron gates. Going for the lowest bid should never be the first priority –what is more important is the company’s track record of providing quality products, excellent customer service and an order and installation process that makes it as easy as possible for their customers. Homeowners are wise to seek out customer testimonials from others who have worked with the company before—whether provided on the website or in another form. It is important to see prior work samples whether in person or online.

Other considerations

Another thing consumers need to consider when purchasing a wrought iron fence is coatings. They need to ensure that their wrought iron gate will have a coating and finish that can combat moisture accumulation and resist rust. There are a variety of finishes offered including those that are hand-applied overcoats or those that have a powder coat base. Consumers also need to confirm the shipping process and the actual shipping and installation costs. When the product arrives, they need to inspect the gate for any damage that may have occurred during the shipping process and have it returned if there is any. Lastly, there should be a full understanding of what guarantees the company provides on the wrought iron gate and the homeowner should get everything in writing before any payments are made.

Homeowners no longer need to be on the fence when it comes to adding a wrought iron gate to their property. Adding a gate to their front exterior will allow guests and visitors to come onto their property in an easy and secure manner yet keep out unwanted guests and solicitors when necessary. This type of gate provides the perfect combination of safety and beauty.