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31 Mar

Irresistible Iron

We know, we know, alliteration is so last year, but we couldn’t resist it. (See what we did there?!) You might not think of something as seemingly boring as iron to be irresistible, but we beg to differ. Let us tell you what we love about it.

You might notice that we use the terms steel and iron interchangeably when describing our products. Actually, though, there is a slight difference between the two, with “steel” being a better description of what we actually use. Steel is a combination of iron and carbon, an alloy mix that is stronger and more durable than iron alone. Add chromium to the mix and you get stainless steel, iron’s shiny counterpart.

We don’t want to turn this into a chemistry lesson though, we just want to educate our customers about the material we love best. Iron is the ultimate material for door fabrication because of its superior strength and minimal maintenance over aluminum, wood or fiberglass. It’s also extremely hard, making a home invasion or burglary very difficult.

Why Steel Makes the Best Security Products

· You can’t easily drill through steel especially steel that is 10-16 gauge like we use. This acts as a HUGE deterrent to intruders. It sends a loud and clear message that “this house is protected!”.
· It’s heavy, so unlike a lighter alloy such as aluminum, it can’t be easily bent or removed from its hinges and hauled away quickly. A would-be burglar wants to get in, get out and be gone. A heavy door makes this very difficult.
· Iron can be fabricated in almost any shape. It can be plasma cut, hand forged, twisted, bent, curved and stretched. This makes iron products beautiful. Designs are limited only by your imagination – and even then, if you can’t come up with something by yourself, we have thousands of designs we can show you for inspiration.
· It’s minimally effected by the elements. Steel doors need very little maintenance; they are resistant to warping, discoloring, cracking or shrinking. Compare that to a wood door and you can see why we just love our steel doors and gates.
· Steel resists impact so you won’t have to worry about dings and dents. An aluminum or wood door is a more delicate material requiring care and diligence to ensure its longevity.

In addition to all of iron’s excellent security qualities, we high pressure phosphate wash and then powder coat our products to a thickness above industry standards to ensure a beautiful, durable finish that will stand the test of time. Powder coating iron and steel further ensures its longevity, corrosion resistance and beauty for years to come.

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