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14 May

It’s Time to Enjoy the Cool Temperatures in Style and Safety

The dog days of summer are now over and people are starting to enjoy the respite from the unrelenting summer heat.  After a record breaking year of summer temperatures, it’s nice to be able to turn off the air conditioning, open up the door, and enjoy a breeze wafting through the house.  But when it comes time to install a quality security screen door to keep your house cool, make sure to look at the selection that First Impression has to offer.

A traditional sliding glass door is one of the easiest ways for criminals to gain entry to your home.  The lock and track can be broken easily giving access to your home.  A traditional mesh screen with the glass door can keep bugs out, but leaves your house wide open to potential home invasion.  But a First Impression screen door adds an extra layer of protection.  Here you have a beautiful ironwork door which is attached to a mesh screen.  This door opens outward to expose the glass sliding door.  The ironwork provides an incredible layer of protection while also allowing the door to be left open to add extra ventilation.

Front doors can also be left open for cool air while being closed to criminals.  Our Iron Entry Doors have three layers:  an iron work door with an inserted screen backed by glass.  This glass insert can be opened to allow air to flow freely through while also keeping the iron work in place to keep the bad guys out.  If you choose to have a door like this at the front of your home while also including an ironwork door at the back over the glass sliding door, you can open both and have a cross-breeze that will let the fresh air in on those beautiful fall nights.

Besides the security aspect of these doors, our screen doors can also be aesthetically pleasing and add to the beauty of your home.  From Traditional Styles and classic looks such as our Tuscany and Victorian lines to more Contemporary looks, you have a huge selection of designs to help make your home look good while being safe.  We even offer a Theme line of doors with favorite pastime designs (such as baseball, soccer, and golf) to nature images (including oasis, palm tree, nightingales, and bamboo).  Check out our selection and we are confident that we will have just what you are looking for to keep you happy, safe, and cool.