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23 May

Paint vs. Powder Coat: What’s Best for Iron Products?

When it comes to finishing iron products, you typically have two options: paint, or powder coat. At First Impression Ironworks, we prefer a powder coat finish, which we believe looks better, lasts longer and is far more likely to save you money, time and energy in the long run.

The Powder Coat Process

Applying a powder coat finish to iron products is a meticulous, multi-step process, but the end result is well worth the effort put in. First, iron products undergo a phosphate wash to prep them for powder-coating, which makes them squeaky clean and ready to accept the powder coat finish. The finish, which is actually an electromagnetically charged powder, is then applied to the surface of the iron, where it adheres to the raw material before baking for about 25 minutes in a 400-degree oven massive enough to steer a bus through. At First Impression Ironworks, we do this process TWICE, which creates a thicker, more durable coating of 3mm, than standard powder coating applications, which are only 1-1.5mm thick.

First Impression Ironworks Powder Coa t vs. Paint

Perks of Powder Coating vs. Painting

So, now that you know how powder-coating works, here are four major reasons why it’s better than paint:

1. It’s environmentally friendlier. Paint is packed full of potentially harmful chemical and additives that hurt the environment, many of which have to be disposed of using certain HAZMAT-approved methods due to hazardous waste concerns.

2. It lasts longer and looks better. Powder coat finishes are typically twice as thick as paint ones, and at First Impression, we go well beyond that, making our powder coat finish twice as thick as the industry standard. Powder coat also doesn’t run or drip like paint can, which can make for a bumpy, uneven appearance.

3. It’s more durable. When compared with paint, powder coat is far more corrosion-and-chemical resistant, and it also stands stronger against the elements.

4. It can be modified for high-humidity environments. In particularly high-humidity places, you can add a layer of zinc primer during the process, which ensures the powder coating lasts even longer (but avoid high pressure/power washing!).

The choice is clear – if you’re after a great look and feel that will last for the long haul, a powder coat finish is a clear alternative to paint.

Ample Options for Customization

Just as paints come in a broad array of colors, so do powder coat finishes. At First Impression, we have a variety of powder coat color options in stock at all times, and we can get our hands on an additional 400 more, meaning the possibilities for customization are almost endless. Whether you’re looking for a gate, security door or virtually any other type of iron product, opt for a high quality powder coat finish; and then sit back, relax and enjoy the results.