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18 Jul

Save Energy With High-Quality Weather-Stripping

Ever wonder how much of what you spend on heating and cooling literally flies “out the window?” Well, the answer depends not only on how much you rely on weather stripping, but on the quality of the weather stripping you choose to use. It may surprise you just how much heated or cooled air can escape along the top, bottom and sides of your doors, and it may flat-out alarm you to see just how much of an impact this loss has on your energy bill.

So, what can you do to ensure that another summer or winter of astronomical energy bills doesn’t come and go? For starters, recognize that all weather stripping is not created equal. Products vary broadly in terms of thickness, size and capability, so what works in one home or climate will not necessarily fly in another. Most companies use felt and foam tape on security doors for the most inexpensive weather stripping option, or no weather stripping at all.

The First Impression Ironworks Security Door Difference

Rather than purchase a generic door from a big-box retailer, which may or may not have weather stripping, opt for a First Impression Ironworks Security Door, as each one that leaves our production facility comes standard with a premium-quality, exceedingly durable weather seal. Typically reserved for just adorning every hinged-glass section of our iron entry doors, industry-leading Q-Lon foam is now used for a tight seal on all security doors. Here are four reasons we consider adding weather stripping such a critical component of the construction process:

  1. It can save you as much as 15 percent off your monthly energy bill.
  2. It’s built to last the long haul and designed with supreme durability in mind.
  3. It stands strong against moisture and weather conditions.
  4. It’s designed to withstand heavy, repeated usage in high-traffic areas, such as your home’s primary entry door.

When it comes to your home, it rarely pays to cut corners, but First Impression makes it easy to maintain comfortable temperatures and manageable energy bills, regardless of outside climate.

Ideal for all Climates

Since we’re based in the Valley of the Sun, we understand just how much you value cool air and a comfortable living space, and that’s why we rely on weather stripping that stands strong against especially harsh summer temperatures. Some folks rely on foam tape for this purpose, but it tends to deteriorate in the heat, meaning it’s unlikely to last more than a few summers. First Impression’s weather stripping not only holds strong against heat, but it also sets the bar high during monsoon season by preventing wind and drafts from making their way into your living space.


Various types of weather seals for doors

The Q-Lon Difference

To maximize performance with respect for outdoor elements, all First Impression security doors and iron entry doors feature premium-quality Q-Lon weather stripping. We consider this the best the industry offers, and here’s why:

  • It features a rigid core and a flexible foam covering, which improves sound control in addition to energy efficiency.
  • It provides a cushion for a soft close—no loud door slam!
  • It’s designed to function well within any climate condition.
  • It retains its shape, even under heavy usage.
  • It’s available at most major hardware stores, serving as a favorite among top builders.

Want to check out our weather stripping in person? Stop into any of our four Arizona showrooms or call (800) 360-1788 for more information.