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28 Nov

Security Essentials Begin with Security Screen Doors

To most people, a home is a sacred place where dreams are shared and memories made. Unfortunately, in the real world, homes are often the settings for criminal acts involving theft and violence. The right security barriers can drastically decrease the chances of a home invasion; however, the average homeowner isn’t interested in transforming his or her attractive house into something that resembles a compound. Fortunately, these days, homeowners can combine security with significant aesthetic appeal by choosing ornamental security screen doors to protect their valuables and loved ones.

Target Hardening

Every crime has three necessary components: ability, desire and opportunity. Although homeowners are usually powerless to influence the first two; they can definitely have an impact on whether or not potential intruders will have opportunities to access their homes.

While some invest thousands of dollars on hidden electronic systems that merely sound an alarm in the event of a home invasion; smart homeowners know that physical barriers are the key to preventing a potential attack in the first place.

Security screen doors are the perfect way to let criminals know that your property is a poor target for a break-in. Not only do they act as formidable physical barriers against any would-be intruder, they let the criminal know that you are cognizant of a potential invasion and have readied your home accordingly. By securing your home with visible security doors, you aren’t just putting a barrier between you and danger; you are providing a warning that potential intruders would be well-served to pass your home in favor of a more attractive target.

Curb Appeal

When some homeowners imagine physical security barriers, they picture drab steel bars that look like something from a prison; however, these days, security screen doors are available in a variety of styles that utilize ornamental metal to create a beautiful structure that looks more like a decorative home accent than a security door.

Modern homeowners can choose from all sorts of gorgeous styles, such as Tuscany, Victorian, French, Southwest, Palermo, Santa Fe, Verona and dozens more. Unlike traditional glass doors which offer little in the way of style, these attractive ornamental doors can be paired with window guards to drastically alter the look of an ordinary home, making it look as if it was designed by European architects and helping it stand out from the other cookie-cutter homes in your neighborhood.

Peace of Mind

Security screen doors don’t just act as barriers between your possessions and thieves; they can often play a big role in preventing tragedies. As much as we want our residential neighborhoods to represent peace, serenity and safety; in reality, they can easily become the setting of a violent crime. If you’ve watched your local news lately, you’ve probably heard countless stories of home invasions that left innocent people at the hands of violent criminals.

Unfortunately, although it may be able to notify authorities of a potential crime, an invisible electronic security system cannot prevent one from happening. On the other hand, a physical barrier can do just that by making it nearly impossible for a violent criminal to gain access to you and your family.

Just as important, security screen doors can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are free to open your door when unknown visitors arrive unexpectedly. When the doorbell sounds, you will feel empowered to open the door, talk with the person and get a clear idea of whether or not he or she is someone you can trust. Likewise, not only does a physical barrier drastically reduce the chances that a home invasion will occur; it lessens the risk that a young child could accidently open the door and allow a complete stranger to enter the home.

Putting it All Together

When homeowners invest in security screen doors, they make their houses less inviting to would-be criminals, while significantly enhancing a property’s overall aesthetic appeal at the very same time. This latter benefit is especially helpful to people who live in neighborhoods governed by strict homeowner associations. These organizations often prevent homeowners from painting, planting shrubbery or adding other types of landscaping options. On the other hand, most homeowner associations are quick to approve ornamental security doors, which can enhance a property’s beauty by making it look unique.

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