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If you have teenage children, you might be used to seeing abbreviations being used in everyday life. FTW, I recently learned, is short for “For the win”, so I thought why not be hip and use it in my blog?

In all seriousness, security doors are an awesome way to “win” any time of the year. In the summer, they provide an additional layer of security and insulation to keep the hot air out, and in the cooler months, homeowners can enjoy a wonderful cross breeze by leaving the main door open and the security door closed. Not only does this create a refreshing breath of fresh air, it also keeps out the bugs and the crooks.

If you have a furry friend, we can also create a security door with a pet door such as the ones found here. We can build them to specification so that your animal can easily go in and out, whether your security door is open or closed! Even your puppy wins!

Have an extra wide door? No problem. We can either build you a new double entry door, or a single security door with sidelights – which are fixed or movable panels on either or one side of the door allowing in more light to your home and providing extra protection if you have side windows. Take a look at some of those designs here. Adding a double entry door to the front of your home can completely transform the look of your house and imagine how much air could flow through a wide opening like that! Look at the difference!


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Have a unique fixture in or around your home? We can even design a door around it!












You can experience beauty, improved airflow and security all with one product!

We have even had customers ask us to design a door with their name, or to look like a favorite piece of art. We’ve matched gates, railings, signs and landscapes. Our designs are a perfect way to enjoy cooler weather, while allowing you a view of a work of art.

A First Impression security door won’t make you feel like you are confined; it will give you a feeling of warmth and coziness. And that’s something anyone can get on board with. Dare I say it? First Impression FTW!