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25 Apr

Spring Outdoor Home Maintenance Ideas


Spring is here and everyone is looking forward to dusting off the cobwebs and giving the corners and nooks of the house a good, thorough cleaning.  It’s time to clear out all of the old clothes and toys and other things that accumulate over time.  But it’s also important that you spend some time checking out the exterior of your home.  When the weather warms up, spring is the perfect time to give the outside of your home and property a thorough going-over to make needed repairs and maintenance.  So here are some of the top spring outdoor home maintenance ideas that you should consider spending a weekend working on.

  • First, start the process by walking the fence-line of your property.  If you have a picket fence, make sure that each of the fence-posts are stable.  If any are loose, make sure to secure them.  Check for any signs of rot or breaks and, if necessary, replace the boards completely.  Also, if there are breaks in the wood, this may be the perfect time to upgrade to an iron fence which is more resilient and secure.
  • If you own dogs, as you do your fence-line check, be sure to check under the fence to make sure they haven’t tried to dig out.  If that is the case, some fill dirt can be used to pack in the gaps.  Also, if it is a major problem, consider running a low-voltage wire around your fence-line to stop your dog from digging under the fence.
  •  Also in keeping with the fence inspection, check that the gate is in proper repair.  Make sure that the hinges swing freely, the latch is secure, and that the lock works properly.  If any of these items have issues, fix them immediately.
  • If you have a pool, clear out the pool area to keep it safe and secure.  Also, consider the possibility of making an upgrade with glass panel fencing around your pool area.  This will provide an extra layer of security around your pool, particularly helpful if you have children or pets, but also give a beautiful aesthetic look to your yard by not blocking the view.
  • If you have a screen porch, check the screens themselves to make sure that none of them are loose or torn.  Winter storms, particularly those with high winds, can tear screens that will require replacement.
  • Break out the ladder and check your gutters.  During the winter, leaves and other debris can pile up in these gutters which can cause trouble when the spring rains start to move in.  While you have the ladder out, do a cursory examination of the shingles on your roof to see if any have fallen off and need to be replaced.  Don’t put yourself at risk by trying to climb out on your roof, but give it a quick eyeball from the ladder and see if you can find any damage.
  • If you have a wooden deck, check the railings, steps and boards to see if any need to be replaced.  If you have a concrete patio, inspect it for cracks to see if it needs to be repaired before the cracks spread and cause more damage.
  • Check out equipment like the weed-eater and lawnmower.  Make sure that they are gassed up.  Consider taking in the lawnmower in for a tune-up so that it will work well for you throughout the spring and summer.

Following each of these steps will ensure that your home is ready for the spring season.  Just make sure that you spend a weekend or two to get things checked out at the beginning of the season so that you can enjoy the rest of your spring.