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18 Mar

Sunscreens – Now’s the Time

Right now at First Impression Ironworks, our sunscreen sales are really ramping up. It’s the perfect time to buy – when your air conditioner or furnace isn’t running, spring breezes are at their peak, and  tax season approaches (read: refund!).

And while we refer to them as sunscreens, others may refer to them as solar screens, sunshades or window screens, all terms which are interchangeable.  Like Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name…”. Whatever you call them, they provide UV and heat protection, privacy and keep the bugs out.

Our sunscreens are made from the same screen material as we use for our doors, so you know you’re getting quality that will last.  We use high quality Suntex screens by Phifer–the leader in durable sunscreens on the market today. We offer custom sized screens for every window on your home, or you can buy one or two screens for only the windows that get the most sun.

Our screens can make a world of difference on both your cooling bill and your tax bill since you’ll be making your house more energy efficient, and thus will receive numerous tax breaks and rebates for doing so.  Studies show that sunscreens save a homeowner an average of 20-30% off their average summer power bill, meaning over time that your new sunscreens will pay for themselves! Sunscreens block out harmful UV rays which can destroy your furnishings and flooring, not to mention any photographs or artwork that are hung on your walls.

Our window screens are completely and easily removable for cleaning and are covered under our 5 year warranty. We offer 5 different screen colors and 4 different coordinating or complementary frame colors and we can even make them with arched tops! Our frames and screens are made from the highest quality materials, making a beautiful statement on the outside of your home and really transforming it from the curb.

Another reason that our customers love our sunscreens is that the screens provide privacy. You can see out from the interior of your home, but nobody can see in from the exterior.  So, not only do you enhance the exterior of your home aesthetically, you also receive a security benefit, meaning a would-be intruder cannot tell when you are home, or try to see any valuables you may have inside.

One major advantage of sunscreens are that you can open every window in your home and not have to worry about flies, crickets, bees and spiders making their way in. Nobody wants to share their home with creepy critters and now you don’t have to!

So if you are thinking about sun screens, now is the perfect time to give us a call at 1-800-360-1788.