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29 Dec

The Anatomy of an Iron Door or Iron Security Door

We’re (mostly) in the business of building doors. We live, breathe, sleep and eat doors. Well, not exactly “eat” them, but you catch our drift. We love iron and everything you can make with it, but we realize that not everyone is as excited as we are about doors. And perhaps that’s because you don’t know doors like we know doors. So let us explain.

Security Screen Doors Vs. Iron Entry Doors

In our world a security screen door is a door that’s installed over an existing door. They usually, though not always, come with some sort of screen (more on screens later). They are designed to improve the security of your existing door and can be made in any shape, size, configuration or color. Customers choose from a large catalog of designs and can mix and match aspects of any of them, or bring us a design to match an existing fence, gate or piece of art you already own. And we can even custom design it from scratch, just for you. Some people might call them storm doors, screen doors or security doors. There are subtle differences in each, but they are basically the same thing.

An iron entry door is a door designed to replace your existing door. Iron entry doors are made from heavy gauge iron and often come with hinged glass inserts and/or removable screens. Like Security Doors they can be fabricated in any design you choose with any of a number of options like added kickplates, sidelights, transoms, door hardware and finishes. Our customization options are endless!

Arcadia Vs. French

The differences between an arcadia and a French door are difficult to explain without a picture, so the below image will serve to help. Below is an example of a French and Arcadia hinged door. On the left side of the picture is a set of French Doors. Notice how the handles are in the middle of the doors, and the hinges are on the outside edges. These doors open from the middle exposing a double wide opening.

On the right of the picture is a set of Arcadia Hinged doors. This door is handled on the right side with the hinge residing in the middle. Only the right side of this door opens, with the left side remaining stationary if desired or it can be “unlocked” so that it opens fully from the hinge on the left side of the door.


Every security door or iron entry door comes with standard features that are already included in your price. Things like wreath hooks, single or double cylinder deadbolt locks, hidden vault pins and pneumatic door closers come standard with every security door. And like buying a new home there are always upgrades and options you can select that are sometimes personal taste (colors, finishes) and sometimes for extra ventilation and security (screens, locks). Let’s take a look at some of them.


A transom is that horizontal area above a door frame which is often glassed/windowed and is decoratively contrasted or coordinated with the door itself. It adds to the decorative appeal of the door and provides additional light.


Sidelights are the vertical area to each side of the door frame which can be glassed in and forged to match the door. They provide an enclosed area for a wider space, provide a lot of additional light and can be constructed such that the screens can be removed for airflow in the cooler months.


Kickplates are the part of the door which is a solid area at the bottom – which would traditionally be used to “kick’ the door open. They can be plain, have a scalloped edge (we call this a “ribbon”) or decorated with scrolls, diamonds or any number of custom options.

Powder Coat

We have over 35 stocked color options and faux finishes for a customer to choose from. Every color is selected by the customer from a physical swatch and never online since computer screens and resolutions vary. Powder coating provides a strong, durable finish far superior to paint and is baked on at a thickness more than industry standard, making it the ideal finish for your door.


We carry six screen colors each in two different weights, plus steel mesh and steel pet mesh to suit anyone’s preference. Each screen is rated for heat and light protection with 90% having the most protection and 80% having less UV protection but allowing more light and ventilation through. Both weights protect against bugs and will match or coordinate with any of our powder coat colors.

Locksets & Iron Handles

Our doors come standard with Satin Nickel, Antique Brass or Oil Rubbed Bronze finished single or double deadbolt locks, but we can upgrade your new door with bump-proof, one piece or keyless locks very easily. Depending on your security needs, aesthetic wants and budget, we can tailor the lock setup to work with your individual situation. Iron Handles are available on iron Entry doors and our Exclusive line of security screen doors which adds an instant element of elegance and class to the design. Choose from 16 stocked iron handles including those in the shape of a moon, rope twists or even braids!


On an iron entry door, you can choose from 16 different varieties of glass with different capacities for seeing in and out of the door depending on your particular needs. Our glass panels can be made to be removable or on hinges depending on the design of the door and other factors influencing that decision.

So there’s more to a door then just a way to enter a space.  Take a look and see if anything takes your fancy!