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22 Apr

Tips for Styling Your Front Entryway

Iron entry doors are a great way to enhance security and prestige while improving the aesthetics of your home, but they can also give you an opportunity to inject some of your own personal style into your surroundings. In addition to choosing from dozens of different powder coat options, you can pick and choose your way through kickplates, sidelights, transoms and glass features until you come up with something completely and uniquely your own.

Nailing down the initial design is only half the fun, however. Your iron entry door may serve a critical purpose when it comes to safety, but that’s no reason you can’t “dress it up” and increase its distinctiveness, particularly if others in your neighborhood have similar models. Some of our favorite methods of doing so involve:

1. Recessed light features

Now that you’ve designed the entry door of your dreams, you want to make sure everyone sees it, right? Recessed lighting does exactly that, enhancing your home’s exterior and making it more appealing to visitors (and potential buyers!). Recessed lighting near your entry door also improves safety, illuminating the entrance to your home for guests while reducing the odds of it becoming a target for burglars.

Front Entryway with Coordinating Lighting

2. Sconces, framing and accessories

Sconces are simple, but they can make a serious impact. Regardless of whether your home’s style veers more toward classic or contemporary, you should have little trouble finding a set of sconces that can make an already-impressive iron entry door shine even brighter. Light posts can serve a similar purpose, and they can also emphasize your home’s existing look and feel. Finally, consider adding framing around the door – you can use a bright color to make your point of entry pop, or opt for a design that complements your home’s existing architecture.

3. Lighting and hardware coordination

Now that you’ve seen the light and understand the importance of illuminating your iron entry doors, consider coordinating your light fixtures with the other exterior elements of your home, whether they be gates, window guards, fences, mailboxes, house numbers or what have you. Using the same metal finish for the various elements of your home creates uniformity, improving its overall aesthetic and increasing its appeal to guests and, if applicable, buyers.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so see that yours counts by making the most out of your point of entry.