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03 Dec

Top Home Holiday Decor Tips

During the holidays everyone’s time is a commodity in short supply. It seems everywhere you look people are rushing around and few of us have the time for the extra effort it takes to decorate our homes for the holidays. To that end, here are a few useful home decor and holiday decorating tips we think might help.

Hang a welcome sign on your front door that is theme oriented and you can easily change by season or by holiday. You can either hang up a completely new themed sign for each season, or purchase one that comes with interchangeable pieces you swap in and out representing different holidays or themes. Each First Impression door comes standard with a tiny “wreath peg” that is barely noticeable if you didn’t know it was there. You can hang wreaths, signs and holiday decor to the peg for added flair to your entrance way. Bamie Cornelius came up with this excellent idea when she and her husband Tim and son Clint took over the business in 2002 and it has been a huge hit, especially with the ladies!

Inexpensive wreaths don’t have to be reserved for the front door only. They can be placed anywhere, just add flowers or small holiday toys and hang them in children’s rooms, the dining area wall or over the fireplace. Pine cones can add an artistic touch to any decoration, either plain (for fall or Halloween) or you can even spray the tips with gold or white color for extra effect.

Seasonal dishcloths and hand-towels are a quick and easy way to decorate the kitchen during the holidays. You can also add seasonal floor mats. If you use the towels for decoration only, like hanging from your oven door handle, they will still be in good condition for the next year. Seasonal refrigerator magnets are also easy to update.

Replace your regular table centerpieces with themed items. You can add some glitter or holly to them. After all, the holiday table is where most of the fun happens!
Display vegetables and mini pumpkins on a tray or in a basket for Thanksgiving. Fall leaves, moss, raffia, or wheat can be used to fill in any gaps. If orange clashes with your home’s interior, you could use green apples and spray paint the mini-pumpkins with coordinating colors.

If you have young ones in your family, you could consider getting them personally involved in the decorating process by making holiday decorations that will carry fond holiday memories for years to come. How much fun can they have with scissors, glue, paint, and paper? They’ll create memories that will be cherished throughout their lives. In addition you can make edible creations such as gingerbread men. These little creations are quite popular with the kiddies as they can be enjoyed during the season, and eaten afterwards!

Add some iron artwork to your entryway. We have a wonderful collection of artwork on our website which can beautifully enhance your entryway. Take a look!

Improve your home with an iron entry door.  Our doors not only add class and sophistication to the exterior of your home, and unparalleled security protection, they also dramatically improve your home’s interior appearance as well. Some of the most common feedback we hear from our satisfied customers is that they are surprised at how much extra light our doors let in, which is especially important on our cloudier, darker fall and winter days. All of our doors are custom designed to your exact specifications and measurements. We build to the highest quality standards in the industry and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the beauty of a First Impression door. You can choose from hundreds of custom designs featured on our website or have one made to your own design. They look just as beautiful on the inside as they do from the outside, and we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the stunning difference you will see when you sit down on your couch and look toward your new door, not to mention the abundant ventilation they provide.

Happy Holidays!