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28 Jun

Wrought Iron Railings: A Buyer’s Guide

It can be amazing what one home improvement or upgrade can do to the overall décor and style of a home.  Wrought iron, a design that was made popular over a century ago, is coming back into style with a class and elegance that has a huge appeal for many homeowners.  Here are some of the reasons why wrought iron railings are a good choice for you if you are looking for a dramatic upgrade for your home.


  • One of the obvious reasons why many people choose wrought iron for a deck or stair railing is that it is very durable and resilient.  If your railing is exposed to the elements, then a wrought iron railing won’t have to worry about problems with precipitation as wood railings can rot and crack, and, with a coating of paint, the railing will last even longer.  These railings can withstand a lot of abuse and wear-and-tear from not just nature but also family use.
  • Also unlike wood railings, a wrought iron railing requires very little in the way of maintenance.  Wooden railings will require sanding (to prevent issues like splinters) plus coats of sealants and wood protectors.  Wrought iron, however, may only require a coat of paint as a refresher.
  • Another great reason to consider a wrought iron railing is how it can be open to any style of a home’s décor.  You can choose a Traditional style like the Bauble railing  or the Plain Bar railing .  If, however, you want something more elegant, then you can go for a Tuscany style like the Granada  or the Sicilian.  Any of these can go a long way to fitting into and accentuating your home’s design scheme.
  • One final reason why wrought iron is a great home choice is that artisans can do custom designs that can match your own personality or style.  This can ensure that you can work in something that expresses your own individual tastes such as in this custom work.   Artists will be willing to work with you to ensure that they can incorporate your own interests into the finished product that will make your house look spectacular.

As you can see, there are many reasons why wrought iron is a great investment for your home.  It can be an easy to maintain and resilient home upgrade which can be made into a variety of styles to fit any home’s décor to make an aesthetically pleasing piece of art for your house.