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07 Aug

Summer is Upon Us

We’ve broken heat records this summer in Arizona and yet we’re still just as hard at work fabricating at our facility and installing our many products around the state. It’s been one of our busiest summers ever, with our Summer Sale ending soon and our customers hurrying to decide which of the twenty designs to […]

24 Jul

Keep Your Home Secure When You’re Away

Arizona’s hot summer sun entices residents to search for cooler temperatures, with mountains, beaches and pools being at the top of the list of places we all want to escape to. Unfortunately, summer time vacations also come with risks – leaving your house empty for a few days is the perfect environment for crooks to […]

08 Jul

What Does Customer Feedback Mean to Us?

  Everywhere you look these days, businesses are asking for your feedback. Believe it or not we want to hear both the good and not so good.  We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service and hearing what works (and doesn’t work) from the outside motivates us to make changes that will […]

30 Jun

Why We Love Houzz

We’ve been in business a long time and as we reflect on the changing landscape of best practices, we have embraced social media in all its forms as a way to reach out to our customer base.  One of the newest social media platforms to hit the market is Houzz and it’s one that seems […]

29 May

Reasons to Love Your Sunscreens

It’s summertime and the temperatures are soaring and nowhere is that more evident than in the Southwest where the temperatures can routinely hit triple digits.   And when those temperatures go up, it is quite easy for your cooling bill to go through the roof.  One easy way to help cool off your home without raising […]