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28 Mar

5 Great Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Improve Your Home

We hope that you are one of the lucky people, one of tens of millions of people who will receive a federal tax refund this year.  The IRS is already quickly sending out checks that average $3,000 or more nationally.  Tax season can also be a great time for making home improvements before the heat and high energy prices of the summer really make it difficult to focus on improving your comfort and security.

Here are a few recommended upgrades that will certainly increase your family’s comfort, safety, and ultimately the value of your home:

  1. Upgrade your kitchen – new cabinets, a fresh countertop, and updated appliances are a wonderful way to enhance your family time and increase the value of your home.
  2. Freshen up your master bedroom/bath – get rid of those ‘70s lighting fixtures and leaky faucets, steam and then reseal your bathtub surfaces, and install a ceiling fan to help reduce those energy bills.
  3. Organize and make your garage functional – Install a few sections of shelving, maybe a workbench, and some overhead storage hooks.  While you’re at it, make sure that you leave plenty of room for your favorite ride.  There’s nothing worse than a hot car in mid-July.
  4. Inspect and/or replace your windows – Windows are one of the key areas in the home where you lose energy and that’s just money out the door.  There are a plethora of window replacement firms who will inspect and then recommend solutions for your home.  We recommend those solutions that will provide your family with a lower energy bill and the highest degree of security.
  5. Entryways and security doors – While the other improvements mentioned can increase both the value and the comfort within your home, none of them will enhance your home’s curb appeal and simultaneously provide the benefit of security like an iron entry door.  They are both beautiful and functional – adding a real touch of class to your home that you and your visitors will see every day.  Depending on your carrier, you may even be able to benefit from lower home insurance bills with an added security discount.

First Impression Security Doors has a huge selection of iron security doors, security screen doors, gates and more to help your home become safe, beautiful and increase its value.  Check us out today and allow our family to provide your home with a custom door solution that meets your specific needs and makes the best use of your 2012 tax refund.