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29 Jan

5 Headaches To Avoid When Choosing a Home Improvement Company

It seems as though everyone has a friend or relative with a home improvement horror story. From shoddy workmanship to contractors who disappear in the middle of a project. Home improvement nightmares seem to be all too common.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! The home improvement experience should be fun and rewarding, not stressful. After all, you’re creating spaces in your home to meet your family’s needs and lifestyle. This should be a source of happiness and joy for your entire family.

By asking a few questions upfront, you can find the right Contractor or Home Improvement company and have a smooth experience.

1. Make sure to ask about their Company History

Always choose a company with proven and longtime expertise in home improvement projects. The truth is, when a company gives you a warranty on a product or service, that warranty is only good as long as that particular company remains in business. It is an unfortunate, but common, practice, for many fly-by-night “businesses” to quickly disappear after performing work and issuing warranties, only to reopen later on under a different business name.

2. Beware of the The ‘Jack-OF-All-Trades’ Contractor

Avoid the small company that might otherwise be known as a “pickup truck contractor.” Homeowners who hire a jack-of-all-trades to design and complete their Home Improvement project, instead of a trusted professional with lots of specific expertise, is hoping for a lower cost and a simplified process. But in reality, these types of contractors often don’t have the trade or time management skills to complete the job properly under deadline.

3. Don’t Choose a Contractor Unless They Offer You a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every Home Improvement project will, by definition mean that new materials, products, appliances and workmanship will all be something you’ll live with for years. When something does go wrong, you want to make sure your Contractor has provided you all the documentation you need to insure proper warranty support. This means that they stand by the structural integrity of the product’s hand-crafted welds and warranty the installation services provided at the time of installation.

4. Always Confirm the Status of the Contractor’s License and Workers Comp Insurance

Asking the contractor if they are licensed is not enough. You need to physically see their license. Every General Contractor is required to have such a license. Any Home Improvement service provider that hesitates in providing this information is perhaps the ultimate red flag, and one that should immediately disqualify any contractor from consideration. Paying an unlicensed contractor leaves you at risk of fines, legal fees, costly repairs, personal injury, property damage, and without recourse to recoup any lost investment. Not to mention, the quality of the work is likely to be below the industry standard.

5. Beware of Any Contractor Who is Not Bonded

Being bonded means that a bonding agency has agreed to repay the cost incurred if the contractor decides to not complete the job or run away with your money. Keeping this Bond current with a reliable bond agency is critical to insure that you are dealing with a reputable Contractor.

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