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29 May

8 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

Around the country this year homeowners are preparing for summer’s warmer temperatures by getting pool equipment cleaned and serviced, air conditioner tune-ups, over seeding lawns and buying new patio furniture and barbecues in anticipation of spending more time outside.  Some of us look forward to summer all year long and others are tired of those 3 digits by June!

Whichever category you happen to fall into, there are many things you can do to get your home prepared for summer temperatures:

  1. Install the highest quality Textilene sunscreens on your west, south or east facing windows for a 20-30% reduction in summer cooling costs.  First Impression manufactures all solar screens to your exact specifications and there are a number of frame and screen options to choose from.  SRP customers can take advantage of a fantastic rebate offer where you can save $.80 per square foot!  Not only do you get great energy savings, you also have added privacy – you can see out, but it’s hard for others to see in.  Our solar shades come with a 5 year guarantee and are completely removable for easy cleaning.
  2. Get a security screen door installed at both ends of your home – one for your front door and perhaps double doors at the back.  This enables cross breezes to flow through your home while also keeping everyone safe inside.  All First Impression screen doors come with the option of bug screens or sunscreens.  Choose a bug screen for rooms where you want to let the breezes and light in and keep the bugs out!  Another option is to have your doors made with sunscreens which prevent UV rays from damaging your wood or interior artwork.  They are also heat blocking, helping you to save money on your cooling bills.
  3. Install and use ceiling fans in every room and avoid using the air conditioning until you have to.  Setting fans to turn in a counterclockwise direction creates a windchill effect which will help cool down each room. 
  4. Leave interior doors open to allow air to circulate.
  5. Get your air conditioner serviced now and keep your outdoor unit free of weeds and debris.  Consider installing a programmable thermostat to set the temperatures for lower only when you are home.  Even increasing the thermostat just one degree can significantly lower your summer cooling costs.
  6. Check insulation strips around doors and windows and replace any that look worn or are torn.
  7. Keep blinds and curtains closed to keep the sun’s rays from entering the home.
  8. Get your windows tinted with a First Impression Llumar security laminate which cuts 99% of ultraviolet radiation protecting window shutters, blinds and fabrics.

Watch our First Impression team install window solar screens!