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11 Jun

Are Your Kids Safe?

Every day, according to the CDC,  about ten people die from accidental drowning and two of those people are kids younger than 14 years old.  Outside of congenital birth defects, unintentional drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4.  While these statistics on drowning are both disturbing and tragic, it’s important to understand that there is also a great reason to be hopeful:  Drowning is preventable!

There is a lot of information on drowning prevention that’s available from your local pool supply shops, city/state police and fire departments, and over the internet.  Two terrific organizations, the National Drowning Prevention Alliance and the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona, both have websites full of safety tips, schedules for water safety courses, and other references to help people address the home security conditions that might result in drowning accidents.

  • Supervision
  • Fences
  • Pool covers
  • Alarms
  • Education

These are all layers that the NDPA suggests that you, as a parent, implement to protect your loved ones.  The most critical of these is supervision – never leave your children unattended around water and always be aware of where they are whether they’re in the water or not.  It takes less than 1 minute for a child to lose consciousness due to lack of oxygen and only 3-4 minutes after that before brain damage can occur.

First Impression Security Doors has always supported drowning prevention and water safety awareness.  We’re also proud members of both the National Drowning Prevention Alliance and the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona.  We’re ready to help you to provide the right pool fence and/or other security devices to help you implement your own home drowning prevention plan.