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05 Nov

ATTN: Snowbirds (and All AZ Homeowners For That Matter)

Here in Arizona, either your neighbor is a snowbird, or you’re a snowbird. If you’re just getting back and settling in for a winter of golf, swimming, hiking, or just enjoying your backyard – First Impression Ironworks would like to say welcome home!

So perhaps you left your home empty for months at a time! Now you’re home sick and arriving to your cozy winter home. You’d like it to be an inviting and rewarding experience. Here’s checklist for returning snowbirds to help you prepare your Arizona home for your arrival.

Now that you are home and settled in, we have 4 fall home improvement tips to help maintain your winter escape!

1. Neighborhood Watch.

It’s easy in many neighborhoods to spot the snowbird houses, because the shades and blinds are always closed and birds are making nests on the outdoor lighting fixtures. Knowing that a neighbor can give you a call if there’s an issue at your home is a HUGE help when you’re gone. So when you get home, bring your neighbors some appreciation cookies (or wine). Also, consider adding more security such as an iron security screen door. Check out our blog: Front Doors: Wood is Good, But Steel Doors are Better.

Neighbor looking through window blinds

2. Check Your Ceilings.

We had A TON of rain this September. Are there any signs of leaks on the Sheetrock in your living spaces or garage? If you spot problems, be sure to call a roofer to check the tiles, shingles or flat roof now instead of waiting until later. December and January probably will be the next wet months, and you want your roof fixed now. If you wait until the rains come, it will be much harder to find a roofer to look at your house. And the longer that you wait to take care of a leak, the more likely that mold could develop in your drywall.

Rain drops on a window

3. Ready to Remodel?

Fall is the perfect time to get a jump on the neighbors and start any home improvement upgrades. Snowbirds often call painters, iron door and gate companies, and other contractors because they want to fix up their homes before the holidays. Projects such as upgrading your entry way with a beautiful iron entry door or iron security door, OR updating your entry gate are easy ways to add some curb appeal AND add value to your home!

4. Give Your Yard Some TLC.

Even with landscapers who come in to prune and clean up regularly while you’re gone, your irrigation system may need attention. If plastic lines in a drip system have split open or heads have come off the drip areas, you may have gushers in your yard every time you water, and some of your plants may be thirsty while others are overwatered. If you have an irrigation system, it’s the perfect time to take a look at it to determine what repairs are needed.

Sprinkler in grass

If your fall maintenance list includes sprucing up your curb appeal AND property value, consider First Impression Ironwork’s easy to maintain Iron Entry Doors, Iron Security Doors, or Iron Gates don’t hesitate to beat your neighbors to the punch and call us today at 602-345-7481 to schedule your free in-home design consultation and quote.