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23 Mar

First Impression Ironworks and the Midwest Food Bank Feed Local Children

Did you know that an estimated 1 in 6 children in the United States struggle with hunger? That’s about 17 million kids! For many children, their main source of food comes from school meals. But what about when the weekend hits? First Impression Ironworks has made a commitment to help support kids who need extra nutrition. So we’ve aligned with the Midwest Food Bank through their Hope Packs program.

Earlier this month, the First Impression Ironworks staff and their families has once again volunteered several hours of their time to the Midwest Food Bank, prepping snack bags for the Hope Packs program!

Hope Packs Origin Story:

In a school cafeteria, a teacher saw a young boy carefully wrapping some food and placing it in his backpack. She had to tell him that he wasn’t allowed to do that. His response? “I’m taking it home to my little brother who hasn’t eaten today.” Moved with compassion, the teacher contacted Midwest Food Bank to see if they could work together to help students struggling with food insecurity. A student feeding program named “Hope Packs” was born. By sending children home with enough food to get through the weekend, we can help them thrive.

Shannon Peterson, Director of Customer Care, First Impression Ironworks

Through this program, every Friday, at-risk youth are given a bag of food to help them through the weekend. Each Hope Pack contains five core items: an individual warm meal (mac and cheese, ravioli), a breakfast meal, fruit, a granola bar, and a snack. By bundling donated, child-friendly, shelf-stable foods and supplementing with purchased food, they provide a consistent Hope Pack for children in need.
Our First Impression Employees and some FII family members joined in our Gilbert community, partnering with Midwest Food Bank, to help with their mission of providing food to children struggling with food insecurities. Our company was able to be a small part of making a positive difference. Our team volunteered with other organizations this month packaging weekend snacks for children. Our FII team was honored to be part of this program. We look forward to our next opportunity where we can bring our team and our families together building positivity and hope within our community. Thank you to Midwest Food Bank, and their incredible passion, for all they are doing!

-Shannon Peterson, Director of Customer Care, First Impression Ironworks

If you are interested in donating, please visit this link on the Midwest Food Bank website or give through Vimeo.

Let’s continue the mission of removing the word “hungry” from a child’s vocabulary. Volunteer or donate today!