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16 Oct

Glass Railings Offer Class, Crystal-Clear Views

Even the most tasteful, luxurious homes in the world can suffer from unsightly, and even downright ugly, aluminum pool and patio fences, which can take an otherwise elegant abode and turn it into something of an eyesore. Unattractive and prone to paint-peeling and rust, aluminum pool fences can suffer damage due to prolonged exposure to water and the elements, but a glass railing remedies these problems while offering a broad range of additional benefits at the same time. More specifically, glass railings:

Offer clear views into your pool or yard

Even if your kids and their friends are top-notch swimmers, you never want to leave them in the pool area unsupervised. A glass railing allows you to see easily into your pool area from afar, and the same can be said for your backyard or patio area. Glass railings enable you to keep an eye on the exterior of your home while you continue cooking, cleaning or what have you, enhancing safety for your family as while improving your own peace of mind. Not to mention—this is far more attractive to look at and through than those old aluminum fences!


Custon Glass Railing by First Impression Ironworks

Are built to last

Unlike, say, drinking glasses, a glass railing will not shatter if someone or something bumps, leans on or runs into it. Dissimilar from traditional glass, glass pool and patio railings are comprised of tempered glass, which is far superior in terms of strength and virtually break-proof to boot. Designed to withstand heavy winds and significant impacts, tempered glass railings offer supreme strength without sacrificing aesthetics. Our glass will even withstand your energetic Saint Bernard puppy!

Are highly secure

In addition to the tempered glass itself, glass railings offer considerable strength thanks to their steel posts, which function as anchor points. Rugged and designed to last the long haul, the steel posts stand strong against bumps, blows and the elements, ensuring a lengthy life span and an equally impressive appearance for the foreseeable future.

Glass railings are attractive, functional and easy to maintain, as the glass itself does not absorb stains, meaning it cleans easily using simple glass cleaner and a sponge or wipe. If you’re looking to enhance safety, boost your home’s curb appeal or rid yourself of unsightly aluminum once and for all, a glass railing offers a clear solution.