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30 Sep

Keep Your Home Safe!

Unfortunately, one of the things that many Americans are having to learn to live with is the rise in crime.  Since you cannot do much when it comes to cracking down on catching criminals, it is important to do everything you can to deter those who are out there from targeting you and your home.  The main idea is to make your house so intimidating and unfriendly as a potential target that a thief will simply move on to the next home in hopes of finding an easier target.  For years, First Impression Security Doors has been preaching the benefits of using security screen doors and windows to protect you, your family, and your property.  But this is just one piece of the home security puzzle.  Here are some of the other things you need to do to keep your home safe.

  • Change the screws on hinges and strike plates—One of the first thing a homeowner should do when moving in is to upgrade some existing points from the manufacturer’s original installation.  Door hinges and strike plates can be a point of entry if they are not properly secured.  An experienced burglar can work a crowbar or other tool into the space to jimmy or pry open the door to your home.  To fix this, remove the original screws placed by the manufacturer and replace them with longer ones.  These original pieces are usually too short to properly do the job, so a new set will make your home more secure.
  • Secure the garage—One way that crooks target your home is by slipping a clothes hanger or similar small item into the space in the door and pulling the manual release on the overhead garage door opener.  An inexpensive way to fix this problem is by affixing a zip tie through the release to prevent someone from pulling it.  Also, whenever you are home, many homeowners press the opener button to shut the door.  Many do not realize that by holding this button for several seconds, they are deactivating any external garage door openers and adding an extra level of security to the house.
  • Window alarms—An easy and relatively inexpensive way to secure your home is with alarms on your windows.  These do not have to be expensive alarms monitored remotely by an outside company.  A simple alarm system can be installed that will emit a deafening sound if the two parts of the alarm, one on each part of the window itself, is separated.  If you are opening the window yourself, you simply turn off the alarm before doing so.  If a criminal tries to open it, however, the connection between the two parts of the alarm is severed and the alarm goes off alerting everyone within hearing range to the intrusion and scaring off the burglar.
  • Diversion safes—A final, inexpensive way to secure your home is with a diversion safe.  These may seem silly but they actually work wonders.  When a thief enters your home, he is usually looking to get in and out in a couple of minutes before he is discovered.  That means he is not going to look inside cans of soda or creamed corn for your belongings.  A diversion safe is a can, usually designed to look like the aforementioned soda or food cans, that will look like household junk to a burglar in a rush.  Instead, the lids of these cans screw off to reveal a hiding place for your belongings such as jewelry and small electronics.

There are several different ways to can go about making your home safer.  Adding new locks or a more secure door is a great way to improve safety, but it does not have to be the only way.  Taking all of the steps possible will give you peace of mind and keep you and your belongings safe.