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19 Sep

Security Series: Garages

With the recent rise in crime in the United States, particularly concerning break-ins and home invasions, many Americans are looking to secure their homes more thoroughly.  However, one key area that is possibly the weakest point of entry for these homes is the garage.  It has been demonstrated time and again that with as little as a coat hanger, a thief can break into your garage in less than ten seconds.  Once inside, they can easily steal your car or they can then shut the door and proceed to break into the house itself with no one able to see from the street level.  That is why it is so imperative that you consider the following ideas on how to make your garage more secure.

  • Garage Safety?  There’s an App for That.  For years, home security has been high-tech with security systems and monitoring.  But now you can actually secure your home from your phone.  Certain garage doors manufactured by Liftmaster feature an option that allows you to use their mobile device app to add another level of security.  This app will send you an alert if your garage is open, making it safer not only from thieves breaking in but also from you accidentally forgetting to close the door when you leave.
  • Install a Timer on Your Garage.  Another way to handle the issue of forgetting to shut your garage door is to install a timer.  This device works simply by closing the door if it has been left open for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Install a Safe and Sound Security Shield.  That easy coat hanger trick to open a garage can be completely blocked with the installation of a Safe and Sound Security Shield.  This instrument prevents a thief from getting a coat hanger into the door header.  It can be purchased and installed for $99 and will add an extra layer of protection for your home.
  • Secure Your Garage Door Rail.  The railing of a garage door is one of the most unsecured aspects of the system since a thief can easily jimmy it.  That is why you should fix this security hole with a simple slide lock that is available at most home improvement stores.  For as little as ten dollars, you can install this lock yourself without having to pay extra to a security consultant and you can, in the end, make your home much safer.
  • Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener.  If your garage is older than ten years, chances are it does not feature a deadbolt lock that latches in place when the door is shut.  If this is the case, get a new opener that is side-mounted and has such a feature.  If you do, it will be impossible to open the door manually if the door is shut, thus negating the coat hanger trick as well.

The crime rate may be going up, but it is possible to still keep your peace of mind when it comes to home security.  Take the time and a modest investment to protect your garage and the benefits will be amazing.