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13 Mar

Tips For Enjoying Spring Weather Safely In Your Home

This winter has been unusually warm for most parts of our country – with the highest average temperatures in 10 years. Aided by those warmer temps, the spring season is quickly approaching with more moderate weather, cool breezes, and sunshine. For many, it’s almost time to turn off the heater and open the windows and doors to let the fresh air into your home. Most people cannot wait to sit down in their favorite easy chair or couch, relax, and enjoy the cross-breezes drifting through your living space.

Sunray Design Security DoorIn order to truly relax and enjoy the season, most of us need to do so with the security of our homes in mind. Sturdy security screen doors, screened windows with stop locks, adequate outdoor lighting, and secure outdoor gates are examples of measures you should take to protect both yourself and your home from unwanted visitors. We recommend that you also take steps to ensure that bugs and other pests stay in their natural habitat and not yours:

  1. Inspect your door and windows screens looking for any tears or holes in the material,
  2. Check/Install spring-loaded door close devices on your screened entry doors,
  3. Watch for holes or damage in your doors, windows, and frames and address any problems you might find.

This month First Impression Security Doors is offering significant discounts on several of our most popular designs which offer solutions that can help keep you and your home safe while you sit back and relax. Please visit our website and order early so that we can help you enjoy this spring!