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14 Jul

Trend Setters: How The Color of Your Door Affects Your Moods

You probably know that your selection of color can affect your mood in a number of ways. Think of selecting your shirt or your dress and what their colors say about your mood.

Now think about the colors that greet you on your home doorway every single day!

The psychology of color is a complex subject, but there are some general principles that can be applied to understanding how color trends can influence your emotions.

  • Warm colors create a sense of excitement and energy. Reds and Oranges are often associated with happiness, passion, and creativity.
  • Cool colors create a sense of calmness and relaxation. Blues and Greens are often associated with peace, serenity, and wisdom.
  • Use neutral colors to create a sense of balance and harmony. These colors are often associated with simplicity, minimalism, and sophistication.

The effect of a particular color can vary depending on the context in which it is used but by understanding the psychology of color, you can create spaces that have a positive impact on your moods and those of everyone entering your home.

Photo of Shaye Harriford, a First Impression Ironworks Designer, standing with his arms crossed across his chest.

“The color selection process is crucial for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a home. There are multiple factors to take into consideration on how It affects the architectural harmony, focal points, surrounding colors and personal expression. By carefully considering color choices, homeowners can create a beautiful and cohesive look that adds value and charm to their homes.”

-Shaye Harriford, First Impression Ironworks Designer
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze – Our fan favorites! This color is very versatile and pretty much goes with any home unless it’s black and white.
  • Copper Texture – This color goes great with homes that have a faux stone application. We also suggest considering it if you’re going for a Southwest feel.
  • Rustic Iron – Homeowners choose this color when they want a sleek modern look but don’t want the bold stark black our Raven color offers.

Regardless of what color or faux finish you choose, all our doors are powder coated. Powder coating, when applied to steel, provides a durable, high quality, long-lasting finish. We bake this finish on the steel’s surface in a 400-degree oven, offering superior protection and longevity compared to simply applying a coat of paint. Paint will look unsightly with likely bondo additives and tend to chip, peel, crack in very short order when exposed to the elements. First Impression has a full-service powder coating facility on-site, ensuring our products receive the highest quality finish.

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No matter your style or custom choices, a beautiful iron door is an elegant way to add detail, color, and sophistication to your home. Be sure to check out our photo gallery for inspiration and give us a call at 602-345-7481 when you’re ready to speak with a Design Specialist.