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05 Jun

Help Burglar-Proof Your Home With Security Screen Doors

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more than 327,000 burglaries took place across the nation in 2015, accounting for more than $390 million in losses and costing victims an average of about $1,200 apiece. Are you familiar with the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Essentially, this means that homes with security systems and other measures in place to prevent break-ins are far less likely to be favorable targets for burglars, and one of the ways you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim is to add security screen doors to your main points of entry.

Why? For starters, about 70 percent of all burglars enter homes through doors, rather than windows, highlighting the importance of stepping up your security game in this area. Here’s how you can burglar-proof your security doors to boost the chances that a prospective intruder will go elsewhere.

Opt for metal

Ask yourself: What’s more likely to deter a burglar? A wooden door, or an iron one? Secure doors are solid and built to stand strong in the face of blows, kicks and the like. You can add interior reinforcements to enhance home security even further, but metal doors are generally the strongest, sturdiest option you’ll find in the modern marketplace. The look of iron is a visual deterrent as it conveys the security intentions of the homeowner.

Add deadbolts

Even the strongest security doors aren’t going to do much good if you don’t lock them, or if you have inferior hardware. Add a deadbolt to improve peace of mind and prevent potential intruders from making their way inside, where your family and valuables await them. When it comes to deadbolts, this is an area where you may not want to choose the cheapest model – you don’t necessarily need to invest hundreds, but it’s certainly worth your while to bypass the cheap, generic model you find at your local hardware store in favor of a stronger one. First Impression Ironworks uses state of the art Kwikset and Schlage hardware to ensure the lock meets the same time-tested standards as all other security aspects of the door.

Cut back on shrubbery

While it’s true that adding plants, bushes and shrubbery to the exterior of your home can improve exterior aesthetics, it is unwise to install greenery close to your doors and windows, where they can serve as hiding spots and mask unwanted intruders. Take care not to plant anything in an area where it can obscure you and your neighbors’ viewpoints.

When it comes to home security, the stakes are too high to take unnecessary risks. Consider investing in an iron security door, and make burglars that much more likely to move on to the next home.

Seek strong frames

While the strength of your security screen door is essential, so, too, is the strength of its frame and doorjamb. Regrettably, however, many homeowners overlook these areas, and their security suffers as a result. Even if you have the strongest security door on the market, a potential intruder may still be able to work his or her way in if they can easily kick out the doorframe. All Security Screen Doors by First Impression Ironworks come standard with a 4” x 1.5” gauge steel frame—the thickest on the market! This, coupled with extended one-way security screws ensure that the security door cannot be simply be pried open or even off the home.